I had a cleaning lady once who was a bit ADD. Well, a lot ADD.

She alphabetized my spice cabinet. Then taped an inventory of the spices in my collection to the door of the cupboard. I loved that woman.

Now I’m back to the usual chaos in the cupboard, freezer and fridge. The other day, getting ready for a photo shoot, I made a shopping list and left somethings out I KNEW I had. Got home. Could I find them? You know the answer.

But, of course, two days later, you will inevitably come across that thing you KNEW you had. And more. Now I’ve got three bottles of oyster sauce (which I don’t even use that much), two of rice vinegar, a half an acre of Chalula hot sauce that was hiding…..

And then there are other times. Last night, Husband said, after dinner. “So where’s the ice cream?” I headed toward the freezer. “Oh, no,” he said. “I don’t think you’ll find any in there.” He knew he’d eaten it all. Ha! Eat your words, o ye of little faith. I’d hidden a box of Magnum bars in the rear because if he gets his hands on a box, the whole thing is gone and I occasionally like a bite. (If you haven’t tried Magnum bars, go directly to the nearest grocery story, walk right by the Dove and try them. The chocolate on chocolate is my favorite: the outer coating of ganache is so crackly and thick and the ice cream so creamy.)

If I ever get a spare minute between freelance deadlines, I’m going in there with a backhoe and maybe a native tracker and I’m going to find all the mayonnaise and peanut butter and sardines and stuff I KNOW I have but get tired just looking for.

Maybe I’ll alphabetize.

Maybe not.

Meanwhile, I suffered a fate worse than death Monday. I didn’t die but my hard drive did. Everything after February, 2010, wiped out. I had an external hard drive that either wasn’t working or I wasn’t using properly, having gone through this once before. Now I’m finding, day after day, things I don’t have any more. I had to work hard not to cry real tears in the Apple store. (There’s no crying in the world of earbuds and shiny, expensive white plastic.)

So I’m not appending a picture again today because I’ve got a lot of digging to do this morning. Though not in my cupboard.