Friendship and fresh pizza

My snack pizza: Cheese, herbs and NO nasty tomato sauce.

I love custom-made pizzas and I love my friend Elizabeth. I especially love it when the two are in the same room. I owe a lot to Elizabeth, including a recipe for made-from-scratch pizza that I’ve been playing with. But first, I just have to say a word or two about her. Elizabeth gave me […]

And the cookbook most likely to sit unsold is…

At the Friends of the Library Book Sale, where I’ve been helping with food for the hard-working volunteers, I made a careful reconnaissance of the cookbook area before we opened on Friday, and then another today. I had two objectives: To see if anybody bought the first two copies of my first cookbook ever to […]

Nihon no Yoru (Night in Japan)

I wish I could show you the meal I made tonight when my husband’s new BFF and his wife came to dinner. But, well, we did it again: ate before shooting. Ex cept for one dish, the onigiri (musubi rice balls) above. For some reason—I rarely cook Asian food—I went in a Japanese direction: edamame […]

Not just for chewing gum anymore

Somehow, I’ve been roped into doing a cooking demo at Whole Foods Kailua in August (date pending) featuring tropical fruit. My good friend Ken Love is in charge of a project to encourage grocery stores to stock some of the more exotic tropical fruit that’s now being grown, but left largely unused, on the various […]

You don’t know bananas about it

God was thinking the day He made the banana. To me, it’s the perfect fruit: no seed, peeling is easy, you don’t even need a knife, they’re sweet without being cloying and you can find them everywhere. You ever met anyone who objects to banana? I lost my mind the other night at the Hawaii […]

Wahoo and Palm: The return of the can

Canned goods have never played much of a place in my pantry since I began a love affair with  “gourmet cooking,”  in the ’70s. “Exotics,” yes — sardines, smoked oysters, Red Devil liver paste, water chestnuts until I discovered fresh ones in Seattle’s International District —but I would  no more have served a canned protein, […]

When live gives you lemons, make shogayaki

When life gives you lemons, throw ’em at somebody. That’s kinda how I’m feeling right now. Or maybe, when life gives you lemons, let somebody else make you lemonade. And serve it to you. So cold it’s sweating. Preferably alongside the pool at a Four Seasons or a Ritz Carlton. While you lounge and a […]