My whole day is settled if I know what’s for dinner.

The other morning, I was ruminating on what I needed at the grocery store, what was in the freezer, who would be home for dinner and an idea came to me — a dish I could make almost right out of the cupboard. Egyptian lentils and rice. All I needed was an onion. Immediately, the tension left my body. Whatever else happens, I know what I’m doing for dinner.

I’m juggling lots of pieces right now: gluten-sensitive daughter, overworked husband, grandchildren with an unpredictable schedule, deadlines, events, people dropping in out of the blue. I’m a Virgo. This doesn’t sit well with me. I need stability and control. Knowing what’s for dinner is about the only stability and control I can manage. But I can live with all the uncertainties if I have the one anchor to cling to: Dinner. Know what it is. Got the ingredients. Fits everyone’s needs. Awesome.