My next story for the Star-Advertiser, on Sept. 1, is about a rather homely topic, a product we tend to take for granted: canned tuna.


Just as I began work on it, the National Fisheries Institute Tuna Council sent me a simple but inspired idea, one that will become a part of my fallback pupu and snack repertoire. It brings tuna together with another old favorite: marinated artichoke hearts. In my young cooking years, this was considered a rather “exotic” “gourmet” product and I used it often — made green salads with it, cooked chicken in the marinade, served them plain as a pupu with drinks, made that old favorite cold rice salad with artichokes, parsley, onions and other good stuff.

Now here’s another idea: Marinated artichokes, canned tuna and sliced tomatoes piled on a crusty bun for a different tuna sandwich.

I took the the idea in a slightly different direction, making use of ingredients I had on hand — leftover filling from a Tunisian tuna dish that will be part of my story (tuna mixed with capers, Parmesan cheese, parsley, green onions and such), a baguette, grape tomatoes and marinated artichoke hearts. For a great pupu, snack or light lunch, toast the baguette, place a quarter of artichoke heart on top and press lightly with a fork so the bread absorbs some of the juices, pile a tablespoon or so of tuna filling on top and top with a halved grape or cherry tomato. Yum!

Of course, you’ll have to read my Star-Advertiser story to get the Tunisian brik filling recipe!