Here’s the promised winner of the Mangoes at the Moana event last weekend. Interesting and delicious. It was nice, amidst all the desserts, to have a savory entry.

By Kent Thompson
Mango Recipe Contest Overall Winner & “Mixed Plate” Category Winner

1 cup ripe, fresh mango – diced
1 cup green bamboo rice
1 cup sticky white rice
1 can coconut milk – 12 oz.
1 ¼ cup water – for cooking
2 tbs. sugar
1 pinch Hawaiian salt
2 cups toasted coconut flakes – garnish
Mint leaves – garnish

Mango Fusion sauce garnish
Soak rice in enough water to cover for 1 hour.  Drain.  Cook rice with water, coconut milk, sugar and salt in rice pot or double-broiler.  Cool to room temperature.  Fold in diced mango.  Chill well.  Scoop or serve with mint on top of Mango-Fusion puddle.

Mango Sauce
2 cups mango puree
2 tbs. half & half
2 tsp. fresh ginger juice (adjust to taste)
1 tsp. red chili pepper flakes
1 pinch of Hawaiian salt

Whisk together ingredients until smooth.  Chill until ready to use.

Curry Fusion sauce
1 cup plain yogurt
½ cup coconut syrup
½ cup lime juice
2 tsp. curry powder

Whisk together all ingredients until smooth, chill until ready to use.