I love flatbreads and also have a tendency to think that a thinner bread is a lower calorie option.

Imagine my shock when, munching an Indian paratha filled with peanut butter and banana for breakfast, I checked the calorie count on the package. (The parathas, which I purchased at the Indian Grocery, are sold frozen and cook up delightfully in 2 minutes in a hot frying pan with a spritz of cooking spray.) The parathas are 250 calories EACH! That’s compared to 120 calories for a regular slice of part whole wheat bread or 100 calories for my new fave, Orowheat Sandwich Thins.

Be not confused by appearances.

Off to lunch with friends, the Friends of the Library book sale where I’m the food schlepper. Next week, I’m making sandwiches for the volunteers: planning tuna or chicken salad one day, perhaps a grilled veggie (with or without cheese) on baguette, ham and cheese (BORING). Anybody got a good and not too complex sandwich idea that travels well? We could do a make-your-own sandwich buffet with various ingredients if you’ve got ideas in that direction. (And maybe I’ll buy some new cookbooks, though I shouldn’t.)