I’m so happy to be back in blogspace even if dealing with technology affects me about like aspirin does my allergic husband: I turn red, swell up and say bad words.

Variegated limas (patani): so pretty and so wholesome.

I’ve spent the last few days playing with calamansi (Philippines lime, tiny little mini-citrus that just blow up in your mouth — in a good way), variegated lima beans (patani in Tagalog, gorgeous purple and cream beans that grow luxuriously on a fence near our house), kuturay (the beautiful flower of the corkwood tree, which my sweet neighbor, Sammy, cultivates prodigiously). He picked me a bridal bouquet of the creamy blossoms the other day so I could play with them.

As to the limes and lima beans, we only pick the ones on our side of the fence, I SWEAR!

Katuray: edible blossoms. Note the thieving kitten in the upper right corner. She thinks anything we bring in the house is a plaything!

Check the site in the next day or two: I’m havin’ a Filipino fiesta!