The mysterious chewing gum fruit: brown sugar pears.

Husband has rescued one of the two pots that got chewing gummed in the previous blog about using chico fruit.

I found the chico pix and am mounting  a couple so you can see it.

Since the latex release didn’t happen when I used the fresh fruit, only fruit that had been in the fridge for a few days, I’m think that was the problem.

At Frankie's Nursery, the Sekiyas fed us chico samples.

I made a chutney chicken with the chico (say that fast five times) and decided it was too sweet; the fruit has that brown sugar thing going on and, despite a fair amount of hot spice, I still found the chutney neither acidic or spicy enough. Next time, half the sugar and twice the spice for me. But it cooked up nicely and kept some texture. The next night, I cut the chicken off the bone and chopped it, sliced some onions, sauteed them in mustard oil, threw in a bunch of curry powder and the leftover basmati rice and it was not bad. Husband didn’t like it but I think he was wrong. Just this once.

Enjoy the pictures.