Despite wounded fingers, which have kept me from blogging for the past two weeks, I am making T-giving dinner.

To make my Grandma’s stuffing (recheao), I have to have flat-leaf parsley. It’s the key flavor. Foodand, no. Safeway, no. Times, no. I had bought every sing;e ingredient but couldn’t find my parsley.

So I gave up and went to Whole Foods. Yep. So there will be stuffing and gravy aand mashed potatoes and roasted green beans and baby Molokai sweet potatoes….Phew!

I’m growing four plants now but they’re really not ready for harvest.

On the plus side, our Meyer lemons are FINALLY turning yellow. I’m going to do Moroccan salted preserves and freeze a bunch of juice.

Got a call from a reader from a lovely reader Bernadette Suganuma for a custard sauce her Portuguese mother used to make and managed to find it despite typing defincies. I’ll share it soon. Sounded DELICIOUS!

I interviewed Sam Choy for Foodservice in Paradise magazine the other day. He looked GREAT! When you’re in Kona go see Kai Lanai in Kauhou. It is so beautiful it will blow your mind… and at family friebdly prices. It’s Kaloko with a view! So fun to see him.

OKAY, that’s as much as I can type right now.