Headed Maui way or know a visitor who is? Check out this new service. My food-savvy friend (the one with whom I traveled to Venice a couple of times), Bonnie Friedman, has added a new service to her culinary tour company, Tour Da Food Maui. It’s called “Cuisine Confidential,” and for just $10, she’ll create a personalized Maui restaurant guide. You e-mail her with a sense of the kinds of foods or dining exerpiences you’d like to have, how long you’re staying and so on and she creates a personalized guide for you. Bonnie’s been eating Maui, and writing about it, for almost 30 years. We’ve been friends for much of that time and I trust her judgment. The process is simple: Just go to tourdafood.com, fill out her questionnaire and pay by Paypal. Or call her at 808-242-8383. One cool thing about this: Her list is up-to-the-minute, none of that driving all over creation with a tourist guide in hand only to find the place you hoped to visit has closed, changed or moved!